I want to say a big thanks to all the incredible people I met during this trip. A special one for Mira-Nael Kolley, Tony Pharside, Gary & Nneka Elkerton, Steeve Moon, Adam & Jo', Myer, Romain, Flo', Ludo, Yohann, Sandrine, Albert, Duncan, Megz, Feas, Catriona, Sofles, Chris, Cerise Seiko, Magnus, Shingo, Nativeone, Sami, Morgan, Hugo, Ella Monson.....

DEFS  (Sfx - Lnk) Sydney
DOES  (Love letters) Bondi Beach 2011

SIZE (Mr - Sfx - 2nG)


At Arts Factory Lodge 2011
I met Mr.Crabs brother at BYRON BAY !!!

That's what happen when you don't have spraycans at Byron !


"Thanks  Basix Corze mira & Myer." Murwillumbah 2011

BASIX (GCK) Murwillumbah

SOFLES (DTS) Murwillumbah

FECKS Murwillumbah

DRIBS (GBAK) Murwillumbah

NEXT (GCK) Murwillumbah

SCRIBE by Basix Murwillumbah

MEKS (TBK-WTCS) Murwillumbah

DASHE on Mt Woodgee Board  South Golden Beach

 Gary Elkerton (August 21, 1964)
 Animals don't belong in cages. You may as well kill them and get it over with. Fortunately for Gary Elkerton, you can take the beast out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the beast.

Elkerton was born into an Australian fishing family in a small New South Wales town called Evans Head. On his father's trawler along the Gulf of Carpentaria, he acted as deckhand as they made a living reaping the prawn harvest. Nights were filled with work and days consisted of correspondence courses in the cabin.

Elkerton developed a deep respect for and knowledge of the ocean. After settling in Mooloolaba on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, he discovered surfing at age 11. Pulled from school to work full-time on the trawler at 15, he spent nights hauling in the catch and days exploring perfect, empty outer reefs. Surfing alone in shark-infested waters off the Great Barrier Reef, he developed a powerful, uncompromising style.

Moved to enter a local club competition, Elkerton dominated and became an instant legend. By this time, the beefy teenager had acquired the nickname "Kong" and was being compared with
Nat YoungMichael Peterson.

He would eventually claim four consecutive Queensland amateur titles as well as the 1983 Australian amateur championship. Quiksilver, his main supporter, released a short film titled Kong's Island that presented him to the world as they would with Kelly Slater in Black and White seven years later. As the overwhelming favorite, Kong led Australia into Huntington for the World Contest in 1984, but finished an unsatisfying fifth. With something to prove, he joined mentor Rabbit Bartholomewon the ASP World Tour mid-year, climbing to 27th by year's end and securing a back 16 seed.

In the 1985-'86 season, he rose to 11th but, more important, showed that he could surf small waves by winning the Record Bar Pro in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Suddenly, the wild animal was a legitimate contender. He would mount a serious challenge to
Tom Curren's second world title the following season while rising to fourth. The 1987-'88 title was his to win, but a single wave in the final event handed the crown to Damien Hardman. Along with his worldwide successes, Kong's beastly spirit rose to the fore in Hawaii, the only arena that could match his power. That same year, he won back-to-back contests at maxing Sunset Beach with extreme fades and speed carves that put him in a league all his own.

Unfortunately for Elkerton, the late '80s world tour was a grind, with up to 25 events annually, many held in poor surf. After marrying an exotic French model named Pascale and relocating to France, he redirected his efforts at professionalism, denouncing the party persona and dropping the "Kong" moniker.

With a newfound competitive focus, he finished runner-up to Curren in 1990 and again to
Derek HoPipeSlater and crew had arrived in full force, swaying the judges to New School thinking and serving Elkerton his death warrant. With his sturdy-legged approach suddenly out of vogue, he plummeted down the ratings and was put out to pasture.
in 1993 -- where some questionable blocking tactics by Hawaiian competitors in the finale at dashed his chances. By then,

Since then, he's readopted the "Kong" name and attitude. He still lives in France and works for Quiksilver as their team manager, conducting training camps for young pros. A sponsorship deal with Kawasaki grants him three Jet Skis per year, so he has used the tow-in advantage to gain access to big surf along the outer reefs. A measure of redemption came during the 2000 World Masters Championship held in France's Lafetenia, where Kong defeated arch-nemesis Curren for the Under-40 crown. The next year, he repeated the performance, this time in Ireland, becoming the first surfer to claim multiple masters' pro titles. One can't help but think that on today's pared-down tour focusing on the world's best waves, Elkerton would have wailed, the animal within freed into the wild. -- Jason Borte, October 2000

DASHE (Murwillumbah 2011)
Details from a job i had at Kong fro Kids ( Belinudgel)
DASHE (Belinudgel)
LINZ (Ironlak team)
FECKS (Byron Bay 2011)
SOFLES (Belinudgel 2011)
REALS (TBK) on the same wall

Byron Bay


Jet the Viking !!! (Ocean Shores)

"Dashe" by BASIX - DASHE (Tweed Heads)

Feat MYER (Tweed Heads)

Characters by SOFLES painting for RAMP ATTACK
DASHE - SOFLES Brisbane 2011



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